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What is Canicross?

Canicross the sport of running with your dog, this is generally done on trails so it is cross country running attached to your dog.

Reasons why people start Canicross...

Do you have a high energy dog?

Running with your dog can be a great way to get rid of your dogs' excess energy in a controlled way.

Do you have a nervous or reactive dog?

If your dog is nervous around other dogs and people or reactive, then having your dog attached to you is a great way to keep everyone safe.

Are you unable to let your dog off lead?

If you have a dog who cannot be let off the lead for whatever reason but still want them to enjoy quality exercise, then canicross could be for you.

Do you want to build a strong bond with your dog?

Running with your dog builds a strong bond of trust through training and exercise combined.

Have you already discovered canicross and want to do more?

If you already know all of the above and want to learn more about teaching people how to canicross with their dog in a safe way, then we provide the best training for you in our Canicross Coach affiliate training programme.

Learn to Canicross with us

Build a bond with your dog through activity and training.

Something for you and your dog to enjoy together

Sometimes all it takes is the first steps towards a fitter future for you and your dog

Do you have a high energy dog you need to tire out?

Are you looking for something fun and friendly to take part in?

Do you want you and your dog to get fitter and healthier ?

Do you want to create a lasting bond with your dog?

Canicross Coaching

If you are looking to start running with your dog or need some specific help with canicrossing training, then sign up to join a class held by one of our experienced, qualified and accredited coaches.

Cani-Hike Classes

If running isn't for you then we do have cani-hike classes which may also  be suitable for older dogs who have retired from canicross

Become a Canicross Coach

If you are a more experienced canicrosser and think you'd like to teach others to canicross, then you can apply to be a Canicross Coach here

Why come to us?

We have over 2 decades of experience of training a variety of dogs and people to canicross.

Set up by two influential canicrossers who already own and operate successful canicross businesses, we saw a gap in the market for dog focused, positively trained, canicross coaches who can encourage people who are new to running with their dog in a safe and structured environment.